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Troubled Teens

We offer different levels of services from basic to intensive for teens with behavioral problems.


Level I: Parent and teen therapy.  Families identify goals, and we help the family meet these goals. Frequent target areas include monitoring teen behaviors, how to apply meaningful consequences, and how to maintain a good relationship with a teen while maintaining healthy discipline. Treatment is generally once a week and is usually covered by insurance.


Level II: We assign a therapist for the teen as well as a therapist for the parents. All the interventions in Level I are implemented and, additionally, Level II includes individual treatment of the adolescent, such as how to manage emotions, correct rigid thinking, increase social skills, and motivate the teen towards pro-social living. Treatment begins at a rate of about twice a week and is usually covered by insurance.


Level III: This is our most intense treatment and is an alternative to residential treatment. Insurance may cover some of the treatment, but there will be more out-of-pocket costs. This approach includes team meetings, mentoring for youth, individual and family therapy, services in the home and school, and collaboration with juvenile court when necessary.

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