Partners in Change:

Psychological and Community Services, PLLC

Treatment at Partners in Change begins with helping individuals understand why and how problems with eating and body image developed. We explore the underlying needs that the eating disorder has attempted to fill and learn healthier skills to meet those needs.


Treatment involves ncreased commitment to personal values, identification and approaching personal goals, setting healthy boundaries, engaging in skillful thinking and reducing harmful thinking, and increasing emotional management skills.


Treatment approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema Focused Therapy, Mindfulness Based Treatment, and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

Our Approach

Eating Disorder

Recovery Treatment


  • Helping participants break free from obsessive and disordered relationships with food

  • The over-use of exercise and other unhealthy ways to lose weight

  • How avoiding the emotional pain in their lives has resulted in the development

  • Maintenance of eating disorders

  • Skills and support to build internal strength and confidence

  • Addressing life problems, developing a new relationship with eating, letting go of unhealthy body expectations and embarking on a life free of disordered eating.  



  • Learn the why, how and what about eating disorders

  • Gain thinking, behavioral, and emotional skills to combat eating disorders

  • Learn to eat with awareness

  • Increase awareness of internal and external hunger cues

  • Develop a new relationship with food  

  • Embark on a healthy lifestyle that fits you


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