Partners in Change:

Psychological and Community Services, PLLC

Community Service

Community service is a strong value of our practice.  Some of what we have done and continue to do over the years includes:

  • Member of workgroup for increasing services for Serious Mentally Ill in Midland County.

  • Past workgroup leader for school mental health workgroup. Currently member of this group.

  • Member of Midland County Mental Healths Gap Initiative.

  • Authored a mindfulness curriculum for Windover High School entitled "Mindful Monday."  This curriculum introduces students to the practice of mindfulness every Monday and is reinforced throughout the week.  We trained Windover school professionals in the curriculum, and helped to evaluate the program.

  • Provided many free trainings over the years to school professionals regarding mental health issues in youth.

  • Sponsoring local sports teams.

  • Sponsoring Snow Snake Ski Patrol annually.

  • Provided free trainings to foster parents and mentors of adjudicated youth.

  • Purchasing supplies and books for Midland Public Schools.

  • Purchasing self-help books for Saginaw Regional Correctional Facility.

  • Providing free mindfulness training for honors students at Mid-Michigan College.

  • Providing funding and supplies for the MindsUp Curriculum in 3rd grade classrooms for Midland County Schools - 2017 & 2018 school years.

  • Sponsoring the PAWsitives Helper Program which pairs hard to adopt dogs with adjudicated youth.

  • Providing free training on a variety of subjects to the public.

  • Providing families in need with Christmas funding/gifts.

  • Regular Financial Donations to non-profits such as Shelterhouse, Survivors of Suicide, American Red Cross, Saginaw Soup Kitchen, The Arc,  and Mission of Hope.


Community Collaboration

We enjoy collaborating with other mental health agencies as well as schools, churchs, and other organizations to provide mental health services to this community and beyond.  If our agency cannot help you, or we believe you will be better served by another agency, we provide referrals.  We are aware and humbled that our services are only a small part of a larger community and the only way to make positive impact is to work together.